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I started watching D. Grey-Man. It looks like a pretty nice anime. I love the art and the character designs. ^^
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I thought she was the cutest thing, a blonde 4 years old girl with Down Syndrome. She was walking towards me with her mother on the way back to work. The girl was smiling and jumping around. When we got closer, she let go of her mother's hand and ran to me, wrapping her arms around my legs, hugging me tight. She didn't let me go even when her mother called back.

She was certainly the most adorable thing I had ever seen.

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I think I had too much coffee today.

-left eye starts to twitch-

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And I'm getting to my boiling point...

The idiot's mother visited my mom in her pharmacy yesterday. Mom said she was pretty busy then and she didn't understand when that woman asked her about talking a private issue. Mom said she guessed what was coming, so she didn't pay full attention on her. So this woman asked about his son seeing me again and dating. *frown*

Of course mom's answer was a cold no. She says that woman insisted about it, but mom ignored her, so she left.

Gah.!.. They are a family sized of stalkers.

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Must draw Blue Spirit/Painted Lady.
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I guess this week is the end of many things for me. No more eBay, no more PayPal, no more Shattered and no more bro. I should say I'm really sad, but none of them could be helped. There are times in people's lives when losing too many things in the same time. It indeed hurts, but I can live with it.


The obitsu dollfie I'm working on is going incredibly cute. I was planning to make a Queen of Hearts, but it ended up like an asian version. XDD I don't want to change her so far. All I need to do is painting her face and sewing some heart beads to her kimono. I should take pictures of her with Alice.

Hmmm... I need to fix my camera first.

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I feel very displeased about my pictures and stories lately. I know I shouldn't even think like this, but I cannot help it. Hearing such unhappy things about what I enjoy to do is very discouraging. Now I don't want to draw or write; and even if I draw/write, I don't want to share them with ayone anymore.

But then again... Why should I care?


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I have a tablet now!!! <3<3<3

Wacom Graphire A5 Tablet!

I'm so gonna trying this when I'm at home.

-tears of joy-

I cannot wait!

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I want to go with such a crack pairing of my personal favorites: King of Hearts/Alice. Gothic version of course. All will be uploaded to my fanfiction account.

This shall be fun. ^^

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